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Fun Recipe

Fun Recipe

1. Golden egg thread

Stir egg in a bowl, wait until the water boiled. Then pour the egg through the sieve. The egg will become harder and look like golden thread. 


2. Shiver Mushroom

Put golden mushroom on a piece of pork, then roll it. Quickly boil the rolled meat in the sieve until it is done. Dip with the sauce and enjoy.


3. Fuzzy Tsunami

Quickly boil all seafood meat except for the fish fillet which is needed to dip with egg to prevent the meat become squishy. Do not take too long time boiling, and then dip the meat with zesty –spicy fish head sauce.


Slim Up Recipe

1. No Fatty, Just Veggies

Not only the healthy vegetable set which included many kind of vegetables and 3 types of tofu, but also the international mushrooms combo with types of mushroom.



2. Egged Grass Noodle thread

Stir egg in a bowl, pour the egg to the grass noodle and mix together. When the water is boiled pour in the mixed grass noodle and wait until it is done. 


Sup’tar Recipe

1. Egg-licious by Nat Suckseed

Easy technique to soften pork or beef is to dip the meat with egg before boiling. Seasoning  Seaweed Rolls can be dipped with egg to prevent it from breaking.

2. Awesome Sesame Sauce by Tangmo Pataratida

Kid’s sauce mixed with sesame seeds and minced coriander. 


3. Before afternoon seafood boiled rice by Chompoo Gornbai

Boil the 1 bowl of cooked rice with shrimp, fish, squid in the last portion of soup which used in that meal. Put the rice in first and wait until the rice is expanded. When the water is boiled, put shrimp and squid at first and wait a few minutes before putting fish in. Do not stir as it will make the fishy smell. Wait until fish fillets are done, then you can enjoy the last dish at MK.


4. Tom-yum Egg noodles with roasted duck by Chompoo Gornbai

Stir egg with sauce, mix well and pour it into the suki pot. Add lemon juice, chilli, garlic, mix and add other flavors if needed. Pour the tom-yum soup into the bowl with prepared noodle and duck. 



International Recipe

1. Seaweed Soup

Boil the soup, add minced garlic, green wagame seaweed, and soft pork. For more appertise, you can add egg in the soup for egged seaweed soup dish. 


My Gang Recipe

1. Japanese style battered pork with egg

Crack the egg shell and empty egg in a bowl then beat to combine. Quickly boil sliced pork and dip it in the egg, then top up with sauce.



Sukiyaki Secret Recipe


Period of boiling, during the highest temperature

3-5 minutes : special seaweed rolls, shrimp wontons, fresh fish dumpling, crispy squid, seasoning fish fillet, all kinds of meat balls.

2-3 minutes : special fish rolls, fresh chicken, pork’s heart, and fish noodles

1-2 minutes : fresh squid, beef, pork kidney, jelly fish, and fish fillet

30 seconds – 1 minute : fresh shrimp, pork liver, fresh oysters