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MK Card

MK Card

Privilege to make you happier than ever.

MK Diamond Card


Diamond Card


  • Valid: 1 year
    • Upgrade from MK VIP Card, MK Gold Card, MK University Card, MK Emerald Card, MK Platinum Card, MK Red Card or MK Black Card to MK Diamond Card when spending up to 30,000 Baht (before card expired).
  • Maintain MK Diamond Card: Spend over 30,000 Baht within 1 year


Terms and Conditions

1. Discount 15% when paid in cash or 10% when paid with credit card (food & beverage).

2. Can be used at MK Restaurants, MK Gold, MK Live and MK London Street (In Thailand only)

3. Please present this member card to staff prior to payment.

4. If card lost or be stolen, please call 02 836 1088 to cancel the card. In case that member didn’t register  card in system, company reserves the right to take no responsibility about information in the card if someone bring the card to get privileges at MK. If member already register card in system, company will transfer information to new card (same expiry date with old one) and deliver to MK selected branch within 10-14 days.

5. Balance Protection if your registered card is lost or stolen.

6. Card number and expiration date are shown on the back of the card.

7. This card can be accumulate amount of spending for upgrade card.

8. For buffet service, member card can be used for accumulate spending, but cannot be used to get discount.

9. Company reserves the right to change condition or withdraw the card without prior notice.


myMK Point Program​ 

Every 25 baht get myMK point = 1 point

1. Members can collect myMK point at all MK Restaurants, MK Gold, MK Live and MK London Street (in Thailand only), every 25 baht spend (after discount) get myMK point = 1 point.

2. Registered Member card can collect point, MK will not calculate point for amount spending less than 25 baht.

3. Every myMK point 500 points can redeem MK Gift Voucher value 100 baht.

4. Spending and MK point cannot be combined with another card.

5. Points can be accumulated until the end of membership. Rewards can be redeemed within 30 days after the membership expires.

6. Members who got upgraded, myMK points will be transferred to the new card and myMK point can be redeemed within 30 days after old card expired.


Birthday Special

To celebrate your Birthday, MK Diamond Card will get 30% discount per bill. Member can use only 1 time on birth month / Card. Please present Identification Card and Member Card to get discount.


More spending to get more Privileges

  • Member can collect spending 30,000 baht up (before card expired), you will be upgraded to MK Diamond Card. Please present your old card to get your Diamond Card only at MK selected branches – check for MK Diamond Card’s branches at
  • To maintain MK Diamond Card status, simply spend over 30,000 Baht within 1 year. You can present old card to get new MK Black Card at all MK branches.
  • The upgraded card program will be applied only dine-in and take away service. Exclude MK Delivery and Catering service.


How to check myMK point

Member can track spending and balance points by register MK card at or download myMK Mobile Application and add member card on mobile app.


Download Application myMK :

iOS :

Google Play :


Terms of Points to redeem myMK points

1. Every myMK point 500 points can redeem MK Gift Voucher value 100 baht.

2. Customers must have minimum 500 points in membership cards to redeem.

3. Please contact MK branches or Call Center to redeem myMK points MK Customer Service: Tel: 02-836-1088 Monday – Friday: 8.00 am. - 9.00 pm. Saturday – Sunday and Special Holidays: 10.00 am. - 9.00 pm. 

4. MK reserves the right to deliver MK Gift Voucher to MK branch that member requested only.

The delivery period is approximately 10-14 days (depending on MK delivery route). 

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