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MK Training Center

MK Training Center

With the direct experience in service training for more than 20 years for the staff working at MK Restaurant Group Public Company Limited. we have produced more than 10,000 qualified employees with service training in all levels including the executives, heads of departments, and staffs to the market which makes it a signature for MK as the organisation with service excellence from time to time.

The success has led MK to establish the training institute to provide advice for any organisations with direct experience in training to leverage the service provided nationwide to reach standard and move forward to professionalism.

Therefore, MK Training Institute has gained exceptional experiences in customer service to provide you with the extensive training courses as appointed. We are willing to be part of your customer service success.

1. Service Training Course

Have you ever experienced problems in service training like these?
• Need a more standardised service but there is no training organisation providing the direct training
• The training content is too theoretical without focusing on practical action
• The training content is not customised to the organisation’s requirements so it cannot solve the problems
At MK, we are able to provide you a solution with customised lesson and training course to suit your requirement.

2. Course Design

Customise to match your organisation’s requirement by focusing on practical action in the real situation to achieve the efficient result

3. Method of Training

Fully provided with demonstration, practice, group work and summary of important content in an easy form of teaching media

4. Training Style

Focusing on individual training to be able to put into action in the fun and friendly environment

5. Trainer

Professional and full of experiences in customer service provided for MK restaurant Group Company Limited (Public) employees.

6. Evaluation

Evaluate by refereeing to the theory, the comprehension of the content, the practice, and the satisfaction of training session. The evaluation will be reported to the organisation within 7 days after the training finishes.

7. Group of training/Time/Place

The group can be organised either small or big with 10 people or more. Timing and place (Bangkok and other provinces) can be selected to suit your requirement with maximum of 20 people per class for the best result.

8. Sample Courses

  • Standard in Service Course : to leverage service to reach international standard by focusing on the foundation skill in speaking with customers, personality, manner, temper control and problem solving to satisfy customers. Suitable for operational staffs.
  • Service Mind Course : Advice techniques to provide better service beyond customers satisfaction with guidance in building up rapport with customers, smiling, emotional management in order to response to each group of customers. Suitable for head of departments or experienced staffs.
  • Service Plus : the advanced course focusing on the beyond expectation service to create the best impression and sustainable relationship. The course provides the training regarding psychology in customer service, service innovation, as well as turning crisis to be an opportunity. Suitable for middle level head of departments and high experienced staffs.
  • The other interesting courses include;
    - Professional training
    - Teamworking
    - Strategic planning
    - New management principles